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I think most of us think about food for a good portion of our day. Whether it’s just a small fear or insecurity, or a response to current times. I know that for myself I experienced a couple seasons of my life where my family used food stamps. This is now the reality for more people in our country than you might imagine. When I started researching the stats for food insecurity in America, I honestly had a hard time looking at the numbers. As someone who is fortunate enough to not actually worry about when my next meal is coming from, I felt a large sense of hopelessness. Immediate thoughts were, “Is this a problem that’s solvable?” and “How can the abundant help those experiencing the lack?” 

According to a study by NPR, “one in every four homes in America have experienced food insecurity this year.” Largely due to the pandemic, 2020 is already double the number of people with limited access to food than it was for the entire year of 2019. Before the pandemic, the numbers were still unsettlingly high. The percentage of homes experiencing food insecurity is much more if the home has children.

Coming across these numbers and realizing this heartbreaking reality, we at Spitzsy knew that we wanted to do our part as a company. It’s small and it’s never enough because money doesn’t answer all of the world’s problems. However, from someone who’s experienced both seasons of government assistance and seasons of somewhat disposable income, I’ve realized how much money can help certain circumstances.

Upon our research for which organizations to choose, we’ve decided to give back a percentage of our profits to two incredible ones - one national and one local. Feeding America, we found to be the best choice for our national pick. We really found that this organization is hard at work to bring down the numbers with all the information you need to know about this economic issue. For our local choice, we’ve chosen an organization that is more focused on the effects that something like food insecurity and other seasons of survival can cause. The Children’s Fund of Connecticut prioritizes children’s health - physical and mental. Their heart for caring for the most influential years in a person’s life was something we knew we wanted to partake in.

If either of these organizations speak to your heart like they did ours, we want to give the option for you to also give as a round up option when you check out at our store. We want this company to be more than just children’s clothes, we want it to be so much more.

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Why Donate to Feeding America -


Children’s Fund of CT -


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