What does 'Spitzsy' mean?

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I’m always curious how brands decide on their names. What’s the definition? What’s the origin? What does it mean to the creator, owner, employees? If you’re anything like us, you cling to brands that seem authentic and real. They don’t try to hide real life, they work with it. We hope that you see that here, maybe not yet - but eventually.


The name for our company was a bit twofold. It came up when the company’s founder had her second child. Chelsea had a boy first and then a girl a few years after. With the boy, the clothes chosen were mostly necessity with some fun outfits here and there. With the girl, the choices were endless and overwhelming. What is about the amount of clothing choices for girls being almost triple what it is for boys? (If not more than that) 


Upon this new journey as a girl mom, Chelsea began applying her fashion business background and thrifting skillset to acquire more clothes for a major bargain. The inventory became more than one child could ever utilize and before she knew it she had enough clothes to start a business for children’s clothing on eBay. 


The drive for avoiding full retail was simple - we as humans make messes. I myself never pay full price for a shirt because I know I’m going to spill coffee or wine on it within the first week. As messy as we are as adults, children are professional mess makers. Why would someone pay almost their whole week’s pay on an outfit for a tiny human that will outgrow it in a couple months? It doesn’t compute, but the world feeds off of this obsession for new things. We want to challenge that unnecessary obsession.


The word Spitzsy came about for two reasons. The original thought was because kids spit up a ton when they’re little. Although it’s kind of gross, such is life. The other reason was that the urban dictionary definition for the word “spitzy” was a word that Norwegian marketers made up to replace the word cool. The spelling is different and that comes down to us just adding a little more flare so we could be even more cool.


We at Spitzsy believe that your kids (and you!) can look and feel cool without breaking the bank. Don’t you want more outfits and options because the tiny humans speed through growth and seasons like no tomorrow? Check out our products page to outfit your next season or event. The choices are (almost) endless!

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